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When recruiting

When recruiting

Before recruiting a personal assistant it is important to think about what skills or knowledge you may want them to have. This could be formal or informal training, or you may want to look for a personal assistant with no past experience in order to train them in the way you would like them to work.

You may want to consider stating in the application pack, the skills or knowledge you are looking for, if any. It may also be a good idea to include a statement about on-the-job training and learning, and the development that may be available to personal assistants in your employment. For further information, see Skills for Care’s Employing personal assistants toolkit.

The Partnerships for personalisation guide provides information on developing a good working relationship between individual employers and personal assistants. The guide is based on research into what makes a successful working relationship, which found that without shared respect and trust for each other, it will be difficult to work and learn together. It is important for both to talk together to understand how to meet each other’s cultural beliefs.

The practical guide will help individual employers think about:

  • ways of working out what sort of person they are looking for; and
  • their definition of what a successful working partnership could or should be.

It also aims to help potential personal assistants to have a better understanding of what qualities may be required of them to support a good working relationship.