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What is an induction?

What is an induction?

Individual employers may need help with induction. Some use Skills for Care’s Common Induction Standards. They offer information that care workers/personal assistants need to know, to ensure they can provide you with a high quality service. The standards can be used as a checklist and discussed with your personal assistant about their work. A list of the standards can be found here.

Click here to read a case study about an individual employer who carries out their inductions using the Common Induction Standards.

There is advice for individual employers on Inducting your personal assistant, on the Skills for Care website. Skills for Care is developing a guide to the Common Induction Standards for individual employers and personal assistants, which will be added to this website once available.

Some individual employers choose to use web-based induction training such as that provided on www.kwango.com. Some local authorities, support organisations and networks will provide you with access to this.

Other information on the Common Induction Standards (CIS) is available from the Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE) website, which includes general information on all the standards and Skills checks.

Some local authorities (with their trading standards departments) are members of the support with confidence scheme. Here personal assistants are trained to set standards, have DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks and are approved and monitored by the scheme. You can check whether your local authority is a member of the scheme by clicking here