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What are the benefits of learning and development?

What are the benefits of learning and development?

Learning and development helps to:

  • increase the quality of care and support to meet the employer’s needs
  • meet the responsibilities of both the employer and personal assistant, to work safely together to reduce risks, keep up-to-date with new laws and other ways of doing things
  • give personal assistants confidence, a sense of achievement and to increase job satisfaction
  • meet the requirements of insurers
  • reduce conflict in the workplace
  • support personal assistants to be good at their jobs and develop their skills
  • invest and reward personal assistants, who will be more likely to remain satisfied with their employment and stay in their job role.

The benefit for you, as the employer, is that you will have a member of staff who is knowledgeable. Your personal assistant will understand the best way to deliver your care. Although you know about your own condition and situation, learning about new or better ways of doing things will improve the quality of care you receive.