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The first few days

The first few days

The first few days could be considered the most important, where learning and development is concerned. When starting a new job, the first days are when people learn what the job is about. Therefore, as an employer of personal assistants, is it important to use this opportunity to get across your message of what your needs are and how you want them meet.

The role of a personal assistant can be an intimate experience due to the nature of the job. It requires some discussion between the employer and employee around respect, dignity, trust and valuing differences of opinion. This, of course, should work both ways, with the employer and the personal assistant having respect for each other.

Introducing new personal assistants to your home environment needs to be carried out carefully, as it is your home and may be the home of other people including your family, partner, friends and, of course, pets.

Think about using the job description, the personal assistant contract and your support plan as a basis for induction. Don’t forget to ask your personal assistant questions to check their understanding. It is important to remember that health and safety legislation and a risk assessment must be followed, i.e. manual handling and medication administration. Information is available in the Employing personal assistants toolkit..

Induction varies but could include:

  • watching another personal assistant or carer
  • explaining what you want your personal assistant to do and how (personalised care)
  • introducing them to your home, for example where things are, who supports you, use of assistive technologies, adaptations and where you go in your community
  • setting boundaries of what you do, and do not, expect

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