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What training does my personal assistant need?

What training does my personal assistant need?

  • Identify the training needs.
    1. Get to know your personal assistant and their experiences, knowledge and skills.
    2. Talk about what they need to know and do. See how this matches your personal needs and support plan. Use the job description to help.
    3. Ask where the gaps in understanding are. Talk about how to meet them.
    4. Use the learning needs form. This will help you think through what you want your personal assistant to get out of the training, what activities will help their learning, how to deliver the training and who will deliver it.

  • Decide how to meet the need.
    1. Think about different ways of learning.
    2. Investigate cost, find availability, times and cover. This may take some time.
    3. Check if what you decide on will meet your needs.
    4. Use the Learn from learning handbook. This booklet is designed to help you and the people who look after you to think about how learning can help to improve your care. This booklet includes ‘wheel charts’ to help you and your carer(s) to do this.
    5. Discuss with your personal assistant and your local authority/direct payment support organisation.

  • On the learning needs form, write down what you will do and when.

  • Arrange learning.
    1. Arrange the learning and development.
    2. Support the assessment, where needed.
    3. Check attendance and ask if the learning was useful. See if your personal assistant works differently after the training. Ask to see the certificate, where provided. Talk through any issues.
    4. Keep a list of the learning that has happened and how it has helped. Both the individual employer and personal assistant should have a copy.

  • Check progress and update their learning plan. The learning plan is something you fill in as your personal assistant completes different learning activities.

  • Regularly review and check learning needs.
    1. Do this during supervision, or as your needs change. Supervision is about giving your personal assistant the support and development they need and is an opportunity to review their learning needs. Information on supervision is available here. Employing personal assistants toolkit.
    2. Update the learning plan, following reviews.